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My personal background is in design; through high school and college I had a singular goal: to work in pre-press for a printing company. Like many of my esteemed colleagues, I came into the Association Management realm by fortunate happenstance, but my love for color and design elements never left me. Every time a client […]

MILWAUKEE, WI, January 2020 –– Jennifer Rzepka, CAE is excited to announce the ownership change and rebranding of Svinicki Association Management, Inc. (SAMI) to Association Resource Center, Inc. (ARC). Rzepka has been working with the company for twenty years, for the past five years as 50% owner while purchasing the company from former business partner […]

There’s a famous proverb that is observed by some of the most respected leaders in your life. It sounds so simple, yet can be so difficult: Empty Your Cup. A scholar visited a Zen master for enlightenment and advice. It was quickly obvious the scholar was full of his own opinions and knowledge. He interrupted […]

We live in the age of procrastination. There are so many distractions at our fingertips on our computers and phones that it can overwhelm us during our work time. We all encounter projects that are difficult to start or that we try to avoid at all costs. Here are some steps you can take to […]

As a meeting planner, there will always be unexpected situations that occur at any given outing, meeting, reception, etc. They can range from something as small as a speaker breaking their glasses to full-blown AV shut down. Like Murphy always says: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. How can you plan for the […]

Feedback is one of the most important things for me. I like to know personally where I can improve and where I am succeeding (I am a millennial after all). Compliments and criticism are critical to growing and moving forward in one’s career. Without hearing from supervisors and peers where you can grow, you will […]